Introduction to Precision Hardware

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Precision hardware refers to the hardware processing category with high precision requirements in the hardware industry. "Precision" generally refers to the tolerance requirement within 0.05mm, including precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning hardware, etc., which are widely used in electronics, watches, aviation and other industries.

It can be used alone or as an aid. For example, hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, construction hardware and security products. Most hardware products are not final consumer goods. It is used as supporting products, semi-finished products and tools used in the production process of industrial manufacturing. Only a small number of daily hardware products (accessories) are the necessary tool consumer goods for people's life.

The processing flow of precision hardware is generally based on the production needs for cutting. After cutting, some small parts, such as small parts, can be produced by punching machine and then processed by gongs or CNC. This is a lot in the production of eyewear parts and auto parts. As for containers, after blanking and punching, they are welded, sanded, sprayed with oil, and then assembled with accessories. For small parts, there are many polished surfaces to be cleaned, plated or sprayed. Then welding or screwing, assembling, packaging and shipping.