Commissioning of CNC machining center

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The purpose of machine tool debugging is to check whether the machine tool is installed stably and whether the transmission, manipulation, control and other systems are normal, sensitive and reliable.

The commissioning and trial operation shall be carried out according to the following steps:

Add oil to each lubricating point according to the instructions, fill the hydraulic oil tank with qualified hydraulic oil, and connect the air source.

Power on, power supply for each component separately or after a power on test for each component, then fully power on. Observe whether each component has alarm, whether each manual component is normal, and whether each safety device works. Even if all links of the machine tool can be operated and moved.

Grouting: After the initial operation of the machine tool, roughly adjust the geometric accuracy of the CNC machining center machine tool, and adjust the relative position of the disassembled main moving parts and the host machine. Align the manipulator, tool magazine, exchange workbench, position, etc. After these works are completed, the anchor bolts of the main engine and accessories can be filled with quick drying cement to level the reserved holes of anchor bolts.

Commissioning, prepare various testing tools, such as precision level, standard square ruler, parallel square tube, etc.

Fine adjust the level of CNC machining center machine tool to make the geometric accuracy of the machine tool reach the allowable error range. Multi point cushion support is used to adjust the bed to the level under free state to ensure the stability of the bed after adjustment.

Adjust the position of the manipulator relative to the spindle by manual operation, and use the adjusting mandrel. When installing the tool handle with the maximum weight, it is necessary to automatically exchange the tool magazine to the spindle position for many times to ensure accuracy and no impact.

Move the worktable to the exchange position, adjust the relative position between the pallet station and the exchange worktable, so that the automatic exchange action of the worktable is stable, and install the maximum load of the worktable for multiple exchanges.

Check whether the setting parameters of the numerical control system and the PLC device of the programmable controller conform to the specified data in the accompanying data, and then test the implementation of the main operating functions, safety measures, common commands, etc.

Check the working condition of the accessories, such as the lighting of the machine tool, cooling shield, various guard boards, etc.

After the installation and commissioning of a CNC machining center, due to its various functions, it can run automatically under a certain load for a long time after installation, so as to comprehensively check whether the functions of the machine tool are complete and stable. The operation time can be 8 hours per day for 2 to 3 consecutive days or 24 hours per day for 1 to 2 consecutive days. The test machine program can be used for continuous operation.