Laser cutting vacuum pump diaphragm solution

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Plastic or rubber diaphragm is a very important part in vacuum pump. Because the diaphragm must form a closed seal between the inner and outer cavities of the pump, so as to complete the efficient pumping process. The edge of the diaphragm must be smooth and smooth without roughness or uneven unevenness. The use of CNC laser cutting machine cutting process can meet the requirements of these material applications, provide high-quality edge cutting, improve product consistency, and reduce the edge damage caused by mechanical cutting diaphragm.

Cutting diaphragm with laser cutting machine can provide good cutting quality and reduce the risk of damage caused by mechanical cutting.

For this application, in practical operation, it is required that the adhesive layer of neoprene and polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon ®) A center mounting hole is cut into the finished 1mm (0.039 ") thick diaphragm. The hole diameter is 22.9mm (0.9 ").

The cutting process uses a cutting head equipped with a 2.5 "focal length lens of the laser, which can provide a focused spot of 0.1mm (0.004"). CDA (clean and dry air) is used as auxiliary gas to spray out at a flow rate of 100 PSI through a nozzle 0.9 mm (0.0345 ") wide to reduce the damage of molten materials to the lens. In this way, the cutting can be completed at a cutting speed of 74mm/s (175inches/min). The final trimming is smooth and the melting amount is small