The important role of spark machine in special machining

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The important role of spark machine in special machining

As an important branch of advanced manufacturing technology, special machining technology, especially electrical discharge machining technology, has become an indispensable part in the field of advanced manufacturing technology after more than half a century of development since its inception in the 1940s. Especially after entering the 1990s, with the development of information technology, network technology, aviation and aerospace technology, materials science and technology and other high and new technologies, EDM technology is also developing towards a deeper level and a higher level.

Although some traditional machining technologies have shown the advantages of high machining efficiency in the field of difficult machining materials (especially in the field of mold machining) through their continuous updating and development and integration with other related technologies, the application of these technologies has not completely replaced the position of EDM machining technology in the field of difficult machining materials, complex surfaces, molds and other machining fields. On the contrary, EDM machining technology is continuously developing in the direction of micro refinement, high efficiency, precision, automation and intelligence by drawing on the development experience of other machining technologies.


Development status of EDM Technology: at present, in the field of basic theory research of EDM, due to the complexity and randomness of the discharge process itself and the lack of innovation in research methods, no breakthrough has been made so far. However, in the field of processing technology and control theory, the research results can be directly applied to production practice.

In recent years, the basic theoretical research of EDM has not made substantial progress. Although some scholars have put forward some new views on the discharge trace and material etching principle in the machining process, no major breakthrough has been made in the mechanism research of EDM. The more active research fields mainly focus on the processing technology theory and control theory.

The development trend of EDM Technology: the rapid development of advanced manufacturing technology and the intensification of manufacturing market competition put forward higher requirements for EDM technology, and also provided new impetus for the research of EDM theory, process development and equipment update. In the future, the processing objects of EDM should be mainly for the processing of difficult materials and complex profiles that are not easy to be realized by traditional cutting. Among them, fine machining, precision machining, narrow groove machining and deep cavity machining will become the focus of development.