Characteristics of auto parts prototype model

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Characteristics of auto parts prototype model:

1. Relying on advanced equipment and unique process design, and adopting advanced materials, the handmade pattern is clear and reliable.

2. Qile has been focusing on the hand board industry for 20 years. It has rich experience and many talents. Over the years, its customers have reached 96% satisfaction.

3. 3D printing, CNC processing and multi mold processing adopt advanced equipment and technology imported from abroad, and the highest accuracy can reach ± 0.1mm.

4. The company's industrial park is 15000 square meters, with many technicians, large scale, fast efficiency and fast delivery.

The process that can be carried out by the automobile hand plate:

1. CNC plastic processing

2. Ash spraying

3. Polish

4. Fuel injection

Technical features of hand model:

1. Automatic quotation platform, one click to get quotation.


Cnc precision parts, 3D printing, copying, sheet metal, rapid tooling and other processes.

3. Accept personalized customization and small batch production.

4. Supports multiple 3D drawing file formats: IGS / x-t / PRT / STP / STL all available

5. The size range of the model is large, ranging from several millimeters to several meters.

Advantages of Qile prototype production:

1. From design to production to after-sales, one-stop service.

2. It has obtained many international certifications and quality assurance for many years.

3. The equipment is advanced, the production process of the prototype is perfect, and the fastest delivery is 24 hours.

4. Many of the world's top 500 preferred prototype model service providers are professional and efficient.