Analysis of basic knowledge of precision parts processing fixture

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Precision part processing fixture refers to a device installed on machine tools, which is used to clamp workpieces or guide cutters, so that workpieces and cutters have a correct position relationship with each other. According to its function and function, the fixture of CNC machine tool is usually composed of positioning components, clamping devices, installation and connection components and fixtures20220628105850_258827411

The positioning element is one of the main positioning elements of the fixture, and its positioning accuracy will directly affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Common positioning elements include V-shaped blocks, positioning pins, positioning blocks, etc.

The function of the clamping device is to maintain the positioning position of the workpiece in the fixing device, so that the workpiece will not change its original position due to external forces during the processing process.

The connecting element is used to determine the position of the fixture on the machine tool, so as to ensure the correct processing position between the workpiece and the machine tool.

Precision parts processing also has certain requirements for its fixtures, which are: accuracy and stiffness requirements, positioning requirements, openness requirements, rapid clamping requirements, and easy chip removal.

The fixture is the basic part of the fixture, which is used to connect various components or equipment on the fixture and make it a whole to ensure the accuracy and stiffness of the workpiece